The damage from doing it just one time could potentially last a lifetime.
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The Need For Cocaine Rehabilitation

The Need For Cocaine RehabilitationAnyone who has a loved one addicted to cocaine knows that it is not the type of life worth living. Addicts wake up every day with one goal: to get a hold of the drug any way that they can. The personal and professional relationships an addict has can become seriously broken, sometime beyond repair. In order to help your loved one receive the treatment that he needs, you should have him enroll in a cocaine rehabilitation center inpatient treatment program. This is the type of program that could help your loved one become drug-free, and maintain a drug-free lifestyle.

What is Cocaine?

Cocaine is a highly addictive stimulant drug that is made from the leaves of the cocoa plant; this plant is native to South America. The most common use of cocaine is by inhaling it through the nose; it is then absorbed through the nasal tissue and into a person’s bloodstream. There are various issues a person who does cocaine could experience, including:

• Short-term euphoria
• Temporary energy
• Talkativeness
• Increased heart rate
• Raised blood pressure
• Heart attack
• Stroke
• Contracting diseases
• Malnourishment

Cocaine is known as a strong nervous system stimulant, and it has an impact on a person’s movement and pleasure. Usage of this drug causes the brain communication to disrupt, and with continued use, cocaine causes long-term changes in the brain systems that lead to addiction.

Statistics for Cocaine Usage in the US

Cocaine is not only the second most trafficked drug in the world, but it is also the second most commonly used drug in the world. Cocaine is a drug that children and adults of all ages and genders could try – or easily become addicted to. Approximately 35 million Americans under the age of 12 have admitted to using cocaine at least once in their life. Almost 75 percent of people who have tried cocaine at least once became addicted to the drug. In the US, there are at least 500,000 emergency department visits each year where cocaine is involved.

Treatment For Cocaine Addiction

Even though you never want your loved one to become addicted to cocaine, the upside is that there is treatment available to help someone become drug free. The best type of treatment for cocaine is an inpatient treatment facility. Many people believe that they do not need treatment to stop using the drug, but this is not true; self-detoxing will not help someone with cocaine rehabilitation. An inpatient treatment program not only helps a person detox, but the program will focus on treating a person as a whole.

While enrolled in an inpatient treatment program, your loved one will receive:

• Evaluation – to determine what drugs (some cocaine mixtures) are in their system.
• Stabilization – guidance through the detoxification process.
• Help into treatment – after drugs are no longer in the system, the inpatient program will continue to focus on the addict’s recovery and continued sobriety.

Cocaine rehabilitation does not stop with inpatient treatment; the program will help your loved one set goals in order to refrain from relapsing. Do not allow your loved one to continue struggling with a cocaine addiction; help her get the rehabilitation that she needs, and deserves. Through an inpatient treatment program, your loved one can try to restore her brain activity back to normal, and live a life worth living.