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3 Stories About People Who Overcame Their Cocaine Addiction

3 stories

Crack cocaine is a difficult habit to break because its use causes an immediate intense feeling throughout the user’s body. This is mainly because of how crack is ingested. It is commonly smoked through a glass pipe. The smoke enables the brain to get an intense high quickly.

Although the high is quick and intense, the effects of the high last for a short period of time. This is how the problem begins. The high wears off, and the user has to smoke more frequently in order to get a similar high.

Stopping the addiction is like trying to slay a dragon without a sword. It has proven to be difficult for a few reasons. The drug creates a strong mental yearning. Friends who are addicts are most likely to encourage continued use. There are often triggers that try to entice the addict to use again.

There is a path to recovery that many former addicts have successfully traveled with the assistance of a good counselor. There is a way out of the madness that is crack cocaine.

Stories of Recovery

Recovery from a crack addiction is possible, and there are other people who have traveled this road to victoriously come out on the other side.

Samuel L. Jackson’s Story of Addiction

You may recognize Samuel L. Jackson as a leading man in Hollywood. However, it was not so long ago that he was addicted to several drugs including crack cocaine.

His heavy drug use began in the 1970s in New York City. At the time, many actors in the theater community were recreationally using drugs. Samuel Jackson was one of them. At the age of 15, he was using heroin. After he experienced an overdose with heroin some years later, he began to use crack cocaine. It wasn’t until 1991 that he decided to seek treatment for his addiction. The quest for freedom from crack cocaine happened as a result of his family seeing him passed out on the floor from a drug binge.

He successfully completed rehab, and he has not gone back to drugs since that time. He credits his family and the readiness to lead a clean life as a source of inspiration for becoming sober.

Nick Hayes’s Story

Although Nick is not a famous movie star, he is a person who has overcome the adversity of a crack addiction. Prior to a successful recovery, his only care in the world was getting high. During the height of his crack addiction, he was empty and lonely. Sadness and drugs filled his days. At one point, he left his family to indulge in a life of drugs. He admits to using drugs in order to numb his emotions. The constant drug use caused him to be placed in prison. It was during that time that he decided to seek a treatment program.

His experience was powerful for him because the counselors gave him the love and support that he desperately desired. As a result, he wanted to get better in order to help other people. He finally beat his crack addiction and found a new love for life. He is now a counselor who teaches other people how to live drug free.

Derrick’s Addiction Story

Derrick’s story is not unusual for a cocaine addict. As a successful entrepreneur, he had immediate access to the fast life. A life full of women, money, and cocaine. He didn’t plan to become an addict. Most addicts never do. His major vice was alcohol. When he was going through a stressful time in his life, he was offered cocaine by a friend at a party. After the first snort, his life would never be the same. Everything he had worked for got lost in his cocaine addiction – his relationship with his girlfriend, money, and business. His attitude towards his loved ones and business became indifferent. Instead of spending time doing the things that made him successful, he spent days on cocaine binges.

Finally, his girlfriend confronted him about his cocaine addiction. His first reaction was anger. However, after several hours of discussion, he realized he was in trouble. He picked up the telephone and called a drug rehab center. The road to recovery has not been easy for him. After counseling and time in rehab, he finally kicked the habit. Now, he takes recovery one day at a time.

The Road to Recovery

Recovery from a drug addiction is a journey, not a destination. It takes time for an addict’s mind and body to heal from a cocaine addiction. Recovery from cocaine means that the addict has to begin a new life. For many addicts, that is a frightening idea. There are many false starts and broken promises on the road to recovery. Patience is required if a person is to be successful. The recovery process is a personal journey. No two addicts can expect to have the same experiences during recovery. In order to gain the benefits of a successful recovery, a person must:

  • Realize the cocaine addiction is a serious problem that has negative consequences.
  • Seek help from friends, family, and a rehabilitation center.
  • Take the journey one moment at a time.
  • Take responsibility for the problem.
  • Accept self-forgiveness.
  • Continuously apply the principles learned at the rehabilitation center.
  • Stay away from friends who are currently using cocaine.
  • Change behaviors that contributed to the addiction.
  • Refrain from alcohol use because it often triggers cocaine abuse.

Sometimes the road to sobriety has detours and potholes. If an addict finds that recovery is derailed by relapses, then the journey must continue. Determination and perseverance must be the addict’s companions on this journey.

As you have read in the previous stories, total recovery is possible. However, the addict has to want to make the changes necessary in order to make sobriety sustainable. Throughout the journey, the addict will be able to find the inner peace that will make life worth living.