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Crack Use Among Teens and Adolescents

Crack cocaine use among teens and adolescents is less common than abuse of other drugs, but it’s highly addictive nature and potential for fatal complications means that parents, teachers, and community members should be vigilant in looking for signs of crack abuse. In recent years, the abuse of crack has gone down among people aged […]

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Crack Addiction Symptoms

Crack addiction is one of the most misunderstood types of addiction. While some addicts experience every potential warning sign, others can lead a normal life without anyone knowing. The closer that you look at a potential user, the greater your chances are of discovering if that person uses crack. You’ll find that these signs cover […]

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How Crack And Drug Use Affects Relationships

Although there are many debilitating conditions that can cause problems in an individual’s ability to lead a productive and positive life, crack and drug use can be particularly problematic. This is the case for several reasons, including the fact that using illegal drugs and/or illicit drugs can complicate, and even destroy, an individual’s ability to […]

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How to Tell if a Loved One is Using Cocaine

While cocaine may not be quite as popular as it once was, it is still widespread. According to statistics compiled by the White House Drug Use Task Force, 36.8 million Americans aged 12 and above have used cocaine at least once. Studies show that nearly one in five eighth grade students have access to the […]

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Five Reasons Why Crack Cocaine Will Ruin Your Life

Maria Salgado was a stay-at-home mom for five years. She was a member of the PTA and loved spending time with her three children, ages 7, 5, and 1. After the birth of her third child, however, she experienced postpartum depression, but failed to receive help for her condition. Although she spoke with her husband […]

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Five Signs You Are Addicted to Crack

The Danger of Crack Addiction If you’re using crack cocaine, you should not underestimate its potency. Crack is considered to be the most addictive form of cocaine. The New York Times called it “a nearly unbreakable habit.” Dr. Charles P. O’Brien of the University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine called it “by far the most […]

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Crack and Cocaine Use Tampers Body Movements

Crack Cocaine Detox; Cocaine Abusers Have an Over expression of α-Synuclein in Dopamine Neurons α-Synuclein is a presynaptic protein that has been implicated as a possible causative agent in the pathogenesis of Parkinson’s disease. The native protein is a major component of nigral Lewy bodies in Parkinson’s disease, and full-length α-synuclein accumulates in Lewy neurites. […]

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Crack Withdrawal Effects

Crack Cocaine Treatment; Whole-Cell Plasticity in Cocaine Withdrawal: Reduced Sodium Currents in Nucleus Accumbens Neurons The nucleus accumbens is a forebrain region that mediates cocaine self-administration and withdrawal effects in animal models of cocaine dependence. Considerable evidence suggests an important role of dopamine D1 receptors in these effects. Using a combination of current-clamp recordings in […]

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Science of Addiction

Since the rate of intravenous cocaine administration determines susceptibility to sensitization, the potential for addiction is thought to be greatest when drugs of abuse reach the brain rapidly. This produces intense subjective pleasurable effects, however, the ability of drugs to induce forms of cellular plasticity related to behavioral sensitization may also contribute to addiction. What […]

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Her Crack Experience

When I had my first experience with crack never knew much about what the drug was and how it affects the user. People that I know tend to use other drugs such as Xanax, Meth, Acid, etc. These drugs, I have a high tolerance for and it takes quite a lot of them to mess […]

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