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Do You Know The Main Signs Of Crack Abuse?

Do You Know The Main Crack Abuse Signs?

Crack Abuse Signs

Cocaine that has been processed with ammonia or soda and is transformed into a smokable form is often referred to as crack. Habitual crack abuse can have devastating effects on a person, and the signs are often obvious. Below is a list of some of the possible crack abuse signs:

Premature Aging

Premature aging is one of the most obvious crack abuse signs. Crack use can cause a person to develop wrinkles and fine lines while they are very young. As a result of this, a person may look much older.

Strange Behavior

Strange behavior is another one of the possible crack abuse signs. People who have a crack addiction will go to great lengths to obtain the drug. They may start experiencing financial problems because they are spending so much money on drugs. They may also find themselves in trouble with the law.

Furthermore, it is common for people who have a crack addiction to neglect work and all of their other responsibilities. A person may also have family issues. In fact, when a friend or family member brings up the crack addiction, the person may get defensive.

Heart Problems

The heart is one of the organs that crack will immediately start to affect. Within a few minutes of smoking crack, the heart rate increases. The blood pressure also increases. This is why many crack addicts start to develop heart problems. In fact, there have been many cases reported where people have had a heart attack the first time that they smoke crack.


One of the main reasons people smoke crack is because they like the high that they get from it. However, a person is likely to experience depression after the high is gone. This is why many people continue using crack so that they can maintain the euphoric feeling.

Severe Weight Loss

It is common for people who have a crack addiction to lose weight. There are several reasons crack can cause a person to lose weight. Crack has a tendency to suppress appetite, so many people do not feel like eating. Crack use can also deplete essential nutrients in the body. A person becomes malnourished as the result of this.

Inpatient Rehab Is the Best Choice

It can be difficult to see the emotional and physical toll a crack addiction takes on someone. The good news is that a person can recover from a crack addiction. It is important for people who have a crack addiction to enroll in inpatient rehab. Around-the-clock care is needed to recover from a crack addiction, and that is exactly what a person will get in inpatient rehab.